We all know Teamviewer is a software that connects 2 or more computers together so you can control another computer, send files, chat, metting,...

How to use Teamviewer? The steps to manipulate and use Teamviewer are also very easy and convenient to use. First, for the convenience and connection of your computer and the connected machine, it is necessary to have the same version of Teamviewer. The free version of Teamviewer also lets you download and install it quickly.

Set your computer or device A, the machine or device you want to connect to is B.

1. Remote computer control

When starting up Teamviewer, ID and Password will appear (default will be displayed randomly after each software startup). B will provide you with their ID and Password, side A just needs to enter this information in the Connect to partner section and it will immediately connect to B. Now both sides can control B.

You can chat with each other through Communicate, and send and receive files via File & Extras.

2. Online meeting

You can hold an online meeting with your partner, company members or simply have a video chat with the Meeting function.

Select Meeting -> New Meeting -> Send MeetingID from B to A, side A just needs to enter ID and connect successfully.

Download Teamviewer meeting here:

Teamviewer meeting download for Windows

Teamviewer meeting download for MacOS