How to use TeamViewer Meeting

Teamviewer Meeting is a remote group meeting function consisting of many people, you can show your computer screen, make a video call or make a phone call during use.

Teamviewer Meeting participants do not need a TeamViewer but still have a normal group meeting using the browser.

Create a meeting in TeamViewer Meeting

TeamViewer meeting Windows

Create schedule for a meeting in TeamViewer Meeting

- You open the My Meeting or Schedule a Meeting -> set new meeting name, start and end time, set an access password -> Save.

- When you have a Meeting ID and an online meeting room access address, you can send the ID to your partner separately.

- When it's time for a meeting, choose Meetings -> Start to start a group meeting.


Start, Edit, Delete, Invite in TeamViewer Meeting

Access a TeamViewer Meeting

- By TeamViewer: Open the Meeting card, enter the meeting ID into the Meeting ID, set the name of your representative (Your name) -> Join meeting. Wait for the meeting to start.

- By browser: If you don't have TeamViewer, you can join a meeting remotely using your browser.

Go to -> enter the meeting ID and click [Joint meeting] to join browser version meeting.


Access a TeamViewer Meeting by browser

Use Teamviewer Meeting

- As the host meeting, you can share the screen of your device, video call, phone call, chat, share files, draw pictures / take screenshots in the control panel on the right side of the screen.

- And the participants just need to follow and interact with the host within the allowed limits or exit Teamviewer Meeting at any time.


Use Teamviewer Meeting for your work