TeamViewer Remote Control for iOS

TeamViewer Remote Control for iOS is a software that supports to access remote computers through iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch devices. TeamViewer 15 is very useful in repairing computers or installing software remotely, saving users time and effort.

Changes in the new TeamViewer iOS session

TeamViewer: Remote Control for iOS 15.17.1:

- Introduce two-factor authentication for connections: You can now use your iOS device to allow or deny connections with push notifications. Try it now in Settings -> Privacy and share your feedback.

- Improved session experience when connecting to PC devices.

- Added full mouse support for iPad.


TeamViewer: Remote Control for iOS 15.11 - 15.13:

- Fixes an issue that when connecting to a Windows computer, the phenomenon of refreshing some applications on the PC will occur. This is an unnecessary operation, takes time for users and affects connection speed.

- Fix some minor bugs and upgrade the whole program.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the connection session from being displayed in full screen mode.

- Fixed an issue where mouse interactions could not be sent if using the Apple Magic Keyboard.

- Increased RSA key length from 2048 to 4096 bits. The RSA key is used to encrypt the connection through TeamViewer and detail the list of partners (machines connected together). Increasing the key length also greatly enhances the security of the connection between devices, avoiding hacker attacks or data leakage when interacting remotely.

- Allows setting up multiple multi-conditional access routers through the AppConfig parameter “conditionalAccessServers”. Conditional Access is an exclusive feature of TeamViewer Tensor.

TeamViewer: Remote Control for iOS 15.4.1 - 15.8.1:

- Many minor bug fixes and general upgrades.

- Fixed a bug that caused the app to take seconds to connect to devices.

- Introducing Card Solutions. More Team Viewer solutions, concentrated in the same location.

- Add a user profile picture to the Settings menu.

- Split View support in the iPad's Settings menu.

- Fixed an issue where the Lock remote screen setting changed to Automatic after restarting the application.

- Allows users to post feedback and vote in the Settings menu.

- Fixed a bug with the chat room search resulting in No matches found, even though there were still valid chat rooms available.

TeamViewer: Remote Control for iOS 15.3.1:

- IOS Device Support has been added to the Event Log section in TeamViewer. Start / stop remote control sessions and create / edit groups on iOS devices will now also be reported in the event log.

- New feature: You can now search for Computers and Contacts in your account.

- Resolved issue preventing Swiftpoint mouse use - there's a new setting now available to activate it.

- Resolved issue preventing input method from being saved after restarting the application.

- Resolved issue causing application to crash during SSO login.

- Improved app introduction for new users.

- Bug fixes and a few minor improvements.

TeamViewer: Remote Control for iOS 13.2.110220

- Download time for both contacts & computers list and mobile data is significantly reduced when logging in.

- Fixed crash error when adding new partners to the list of computers & contacts.

- Bug fixes and minor improvements.

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