Restrict remote control for Teamviewer

You can access the server from home - Server, client - Client ... to check and manage for remote use and support through Your ID - Password information, easy to control and manipulate. work without requiring authentication from the client.

Restricting users to access by Teamviewer is a way to reduce the controller and prevent others from accidentally accessing the computer and entering the system without your rights.

By default, when someone accesses your computer through Teamviewer, that person has full control over your computer. That means with full access one can connect and view your screen, take control of your screen, transfer files, set up a VPN connection ... and can control your Teamviewer.


* Full access (recommended): Allows the operator to use all functions.

* Confirm all: Operators are required to wait for access to use features with your consent.

- From Teamviewer's interface, go to the Extras / Options tab.

- From the left function menu select Advanced, click the Show advanced options button to display your own customizations and here the user needs to change some information in 2 parts:

1. Settings for connections to this computer:

This is the advanced setting when connected to a computer. You can control access by clicking the down arrow to select the method of use.

+ Full access: Allows full access.

+ Confirm all: Waiting for confirmation from users.

+ View and show: Can only see the information of the currently displayed user.


+ Custom settings: Customize to allow the operator to access or deny for different parts (should use this for separate settings). Click Configure ... to allow each feature, from the arrow pointing down select Allowed to allow and Denied to deny, including the following:

  • Connect and view my screen: Connect and view my screen.
  • Control this computer: Control the computer like using a personal computer.
  • Transfer this computer: Allow to send files to the computer (should be refused).
  • Establish a VPN connection to this computer: Establish a VPN (virtual private network) connection to the computers.
  • Lock the local keyboard and mouse: Lock the keyboard and mouse of the operator.
  • Control the local TeamViewer: The operator can control the Teamviewer panel (change information, name, default password, advanced options ...)
  • File transfer using the file box: Send files using the new file box.
  • View my screen via switching sides: Basically you allow them to swap between 2 sides and view your screen, this change is like connecting and viewing your computer so you allow this feature to be used. use.

After making the appropriate selection, click OK and close the window. And when others connect to them, they won't have the right to make changes unless they have given your permission.

+ Deny outgoing remote control sessions: Deny using this control.

For example, the figure below is from a user interface controlled by Teamviewer, but with permission before the operator can view the display.

2. Settings for connections to other computer:

Do the same as above, you can go to the custom section for the access control, in this section you should choose Full Access to be able to control other computers better with all the features that Teamviewer supports.

Download software teamviewer:

Download Teamviewer for Windows all version

Download Teamviewer Portable for Windows all version

Download Teamviewer for Mac OS all version

Download Teamviewer for Linux all version