TeamViewer for Android

TeamViewer for Android

PC remote control and file transfer to and from the remote computer. With this application, users can easily support colleagues or friends to fix or solve problems on the computer by using their own phone.

To use the app, the first and foremost thing is to install the Android version of TeamViewer on the device you want to access. Once completed, you can access the device and perform any actions you want because the app will provide a virtual keyboard on Android devices (with Windows key included) and can perform all operations. normal click (right click, left click and scroll).

Overall, TeamViewer for Remote Control for Android is a very useful tool if you often travel, save important projects on your computer or always want to connect to your computer.

TeamViewer for Android

The latest feature of TeamViewer for Android

- Offline chat support.

- Fix errors when logging in / out.

- Other minor bug fixes.

- Improved layout on the small screen.

- Fix startup errors, change direction, chat notifications, connection errors when files are destroyed.

Changes in TeamViewer for Remote Control versions for Android

- TeamViewer: Remote Control for Android 15.3.49.

- You can now delete participants from the conversation.

- You can now search for chat names in the Chat section.

- Fix the bugs and add a few small improvements.

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