How to install TeamViewer for free for life

TeamViewer is not a completely free software, but users can completely install TeamViewer for free for life legally if they follow TeamViewer's rules during installation and use.

TeamViewer obviously allows users to install TeamViewer for free for life, but not everyone knows this. Especially, it generates a Protocol Negotation Failed error, limited to 5 minutes in TeamViewer without understanding the cause.

If you are an individual, you can buy TeamViewer or completely fix this Protocol Negotation Failed and install TeamViewer for free. TeamViewer is software that supports remote computer control, although only using the free version, users already have almost all the essential features of this software. TeamViewer is free to use, note that this use is completely legal and accepted by TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer latest version at homepage:

After downloading TeamViewer to your computer and installing it, this is the most important step for you to install TeamViewer for free or not.

How to install TeamViewer for free for life

"How do you want to Proceed" has 3 values you need to know

- Basic installation: Install the basic TeamViewer.

- Installation to access this computer remotely: Install to connect to remote control computers.

- Run only: Only run TeamViewer, not install it on the computer.

-> This value you choose Basic installation to proceed with the basic installation of TeamViewer.

"How do you want to use TeamViewer?" there are also 3 values you need to know:

- Company / Comercial use: Used for business.

- Personal / Non-commercial use: Use for individual individuals, not organizations or companies.

- Both of the above: Both options above.

-> This is the most important step because if you want to install TeamViewer for free for life, you must choose Personal / Non-commercial use to use it for yourself.

The installation process will take place quite quickly and you do not need to do anything until you finish installing TeamViewer for free.

With the above simple way of installing TeamViewer, you can already use TeamViewer for life, remember to follow TeamViewer's regulations to be able to use it forever and not be afraid of upgrading TeamViewer to be disabled. limited copyright or encountered an annoying error caused by upgrading TeamViewer.