To talk about the error of Teamviewer not showing ID and Password, it is possible that your computer has blocked Teamviewer or blocked a certain process of Teamviewer. You can uninstall and install Teamviewer again or it will take some extra steps to fix it.


How to fix Teamviewer Error Not Showing ID And Password

1. Remove Static IP For Computer

Static IP is not necessarily the case that leads to the error that Teamviewer does not show ID and Pass, but many people reflect that the above error is also common with machines with Static IP, so you should try with the simplest way. To fix the problem of Teamviewer is to turn off the calculated IP and set it to Dynamic IP mode.


In Control Panel, continue to View network status and tasks in Network and Internet section, set dynamic IP and open Teamviewer again.

2. Turn off the Firewall

The firewall is responsible for protecting your computer from strange intrusions and if you are leaving the firewall, it is possible that the error that Teamviewer does not show ID and Pass is also the cause here. To turn off your computer trick, follow these steps:

Open the Start Menu, type Firewall and access Windows Defender Firewall, select turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

And here you click on Turn off and confirm OK.

3. Teamviewer File Error


A simple cause that is not always encountered is a corrupted Teamviewer file. A faulty or damaged Teamviewer component can also be the cause of the error that Teamviewer does not show ID and Pass and in this case you just need to remove Teamviewer and then proceed to install the latest version of Teamviewer.

Currently, the most common error of users is that 2 people connecting computers with Teamviewer cannot because they are using 2 different versions => The way to fix the error is to update to the Teamviewer latest version.

Download Teamviewer all version for windows at here