Fix Teamviewer limited to 5 minutes on computers

Teamviewer makes it easier and more convenient for users to work and study in groups. However, some users experience the Teamviewer 5 minute limit. Let's learn how to fix with this problem.

Two or more computers will be connected to each other easily through the Teamviewer application. Thanks to that, the whole group of friends can exchange, share documents or help each other fix errors on the computer easily.


1. What is Teamviewer error 5 minutes limit?

When this error occurs, your computer and everyone else can only connect via Teamviewer for 5 minutes, then the connection will be disconnected and the message will appear as shown.

2. The reason why Teamviewer is limited to 5 minutes

Teamviewer is only free for personal use, not commercial use. It is possible that during the installation process you have selected commercial mode, for business, so you will encounter a time-limited error of 5 minutes.

In this case, the Teamviewer server took the address of the computer and generated your Teamviewer ID. So even if you remove the software and reinstall it, it will be difficult to fix it.

3. Instructions on how to fix Teamviewer limited to 5 minutes

Method 1: Personal/ Non-commercial use


In this way, we will reinstall Teamviewer with individual mode so that we can use it for free, with no time limit.

Step 1: After downloading and installing Teamviewer -> Double-click the Teamviewer application.

Step 2: Under How do you want to proceed?, select Run only (one time use).

Under How do you want to use Teamviewer, select Personal/ Non-commercial use > Click Accept - Run.

Method 2: Reinstall and change the teamviewer installation path

You just need to reinstall and change the teamviewer installation path. You rename the previously installed folder, for example, Team viewer 15, you change it to teamviewer 15.1. Then run the installation again and select the path to the teamviewer 15.1 folder, then teamviewer will run the new version with the changed path.

Method 3: Delete in Registry

Step 1: Delete in Registry

1. Exit Teamview, by selecting Exit teamview

2. Delete folder: documents and settings/username/applcation data/eamviewer (search in C drive, documents and settings, delete all teamview folders if present in all users)

3. Go to Start -> Run type: rededit Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER, go to software, delete Teamviewer folder

4. Go to Start -> Run type: rededit Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, go to software, delete Teamviewer

Step 2: Change the physical address of the LAN Card (This method does not apply to laptops)

1. See the physical address of the Card Lan = way: start -> Run type: cmd, at the command prompt screen type ipconfig /all see value of line physical Address (the physical address of the network card) : 00-A0-10-...etc...

2. Right-click My Network Places and select Properties, see the icon of the network connection in use, usually Local Area Connection, right-click Local Area Connection, select Configure, select the Advanced tab, select the Network Address item, and select the option on the value side. Type the new physical address differently from the old physical address, do not use the " -" sign between the values: like 00C095ECB777 or 0016D327A3CC.

3. Restart the computer, so we can use Teamviewer

In addition to desktop and laptop computers, Teamviewer software is also commonly used on smartphones with many versions for different operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, ...