Disable shutdown feature in TeamViewer

When downloading TeamViewer and installing it on your computer to use, there are many cases where TeamViewer is turned off, opening it up can cost you time and trouble. Teamviewer provides the option to turn off this feature so that it is always open, giving you quick access to TeamViewer.

Select the following small settings to guide you Disable shutdown feature in TeamViewer

Step 1: Open TeamViewer, select the menu Extras -> Options


Step 2: The TeamViewer Options dialog box opens, select Advanced in the left column of the screen and select Show advanced options in the right column.


Step 3: Check the box Disable Teamviewer shutdown

Click OK to save your settings.

You can still turn off the utility at any time to save maximum workspace, in this mode you will not be able to turn off TeamViewer but always have the icon of this utility displayed on the PC screen.


In this mode, you will easily control your computer over the Internet without having to always turn off and on the utility. TeamViewer is free software, you can download the latest TeamViewer for Windows here.